Smoked & Speciality Meats

A wide range of speciality meats. Created over the years to fulfill customers' individual requirements. We are open to your suggestions and will try to oblige. We have our smoke house and use a variety of wood chippings to achieve a unique flavour.

Black Pudding >

A traditional black pudding. Simple and flavoursome - containing locally milled oats from Greens Windmill in Sneinton, Nottingham.

Chorizo >

A Spanish/Mexican sausage that has been air dried. Containing pork, home smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. This Superstar Sausage appeared on the BBCs Saturday Kitchen when it was used by Sat Bains in a dish he created!

Fruity and Spicy Black Pudding (Silver Award) >

Something a little different, this unique black pudding contains smoked bacon fat and dried fruit enhanced with wine and spirits.

Hungarian Kolbasz >

The Emperor of sausages. This air dried sausage will keep for as long as you can resist the temptation and will keep on getting better. Its firm texture and strong flavour make it ideal for using like salami - no need to cook but can also be used on pizza, in risotto, etc.

Pickled Beef
Pickled Ox Tongue
Salted Chaps
Smoked Cured Belly Fat
Smoked Cured Tenderloin
Smoked Hocks
Smoked Mutton
Smoked Ox Tongue
Smoked Pickled Beef
Smoked Pig Tails
Smoked Ribs
Smoked Salted Rib of Beef
Smoked Trotters
Smoked Venison
Smoked Whole Chicken
Smoked Whole Duck
Sweet Beef
White Pudding (Silver Award) >

Made from pork, locally milled oats and white pepper. Ready to eat but also delicious fried in a little butter.