Award winning sausages

All our pork is bred and reared locally to ensure quality and traceability

A welcome return to old fashioned sausages oozing flavour and packed full of the highest quality meat from local farms. There is a sausage for every day of the week, from traditional pork to spicy Hungarian. Our aim is to offer a range of exciting flavours to tantalize your taste buds. We are confident that our sausages are the best, we hope that you will think so too.
JT Beedhams invite you to try our range of delicious sausages. We have over forty mouth watering flavours, read about them below.

Thin Premiere (Gold Award) >

The classic thin sausage. Great for kids, ideal for buffets, perfect for serving with roast chicken, fantastic for eating cold, straight from the fridge! Don't forget to order plenty for Christmas.

Lincolnshire >

An old English favourite. Sage and pepper give this sausage a wonderful classic taste. Great at any meal.

BBT (Gold Award) >

Bacon, beans and tomato. A complete breakfast in a sausage. This is relatively new to our range and is fast becoming a favourite with our customers.

Tomato & Basil >

A sausage for those who want to experiment, but not too much. A subtle flavour that lingers on the palate. This is a slightly sweeter sausage that mixes well on your brunch plate on Sunday, complemented beautifully by some of Beedhams’ delicious traditionally dry cured bacon.

Devil’s Chilli >

An exotic spicy sausage - puts the bang into banger. The pork and chilli complement each other perfectly to produce a sausage with plenty of bite! These are terrific for barbies and Friday nights with a glass or two of beer.

Magyar (Gold Award) >

Robust and mature, with a great texture and a delicious warm spicy flavour. Takes the hunger out of Hungary! Try them in a casserole and served with crusty bread.

Leek & Sweet Pepper >

A traditional country sausage, beautifully moist and juicy with a full flavour. The fresh leek and pepper enhances the meatiness of this sausage.

Ale & Beef >

A sausage for the lazy drinker!  An intriguing hint of ale comes through from behind the richness of the beefy flavour. Chunky and satisfying, try them with hunks of fresh white bread and gherkins.

Smokey Original >

Guests for a barbecue and it's raining outside? Give your guests these little beauties and they will never know that you haven't been slaving over the charcoal for hours.  Really meaty, with a distinctive smoked flavour. Great with fried onions and Dijon mustard.

Lamb & Mint >

Who said sausages have to be pork?  Surprise yourself with something different. They are very meaty and marry marvellously with Middle Eastern flavours just as well as traditional English new potatoes and mint sauce.

Curry >

Pork and traditional Asian spices make this a delicious sausage to 'Take Away'. You could serve them with rice and naan but they are even better with mash and onions.

Pork & Apple >

Always a favourite combination. We have added a splash of cider to the fresh apple and pork to give you a taste of Olde England. These sausages are sweet and succulent and gentle on the palate.

Mustard & Onion >

Another traditional sausage made with chopped onion and English mustard. A firm favourite - ideal for Toad in the Hole and producing delicious gravy.

Mustard & Demerara >

A blend of demerara sugar, English mustard and our quality pork give this sausage a unique sweet flavour. Ideal for children!

Garlic >

The garlic in these sausages emphasises the flavour of the meat rather than dominate it. They are really meaty and succulent, crying out for crusty bread and a glass of ale.

Fennel & Black Pepper (Gold Award) >

The subtle hint of fennel and the zip of pepper combine to give you a taste of Italy.  Why not try them with a rich tomato sauce, pasta and a glass of Italian red.

Boerewors >

Strongly fragrant, these South African farmers sausages contain beef, a touch of coriander, paprika and nutmeg to give them a warm spicy glow. Their slightly drier texture makes them great in a casserole or you may prefer to fry them.

Liebworst >

If you are a liver lover, then these are for you - they are offally good! They need different treatment from your average banger - poach them gently in water before frying and serve them with pickles - ask your butcher for more ideas.

Kishka (Silver Award) >

Cheese and wine in a sausage? It shouldn't work but it does! Made with mature cheddar, red wine, paprika and our locally reared pork. Delicious!

Merguez >

Lamb, sweet peppers and harissa combine to give this sausage an exotic North African flavour. Ideal with couscous or in a tagine.

Turkey & Cranberry >

This sausage is very low in fat making it ideal for slimmers. A taste of Christmas all year round.

Beef >

Choice cuts of Local British Beef with fresh garlic, crushed black pepper and oregano give these succulent sausages a fantastic taste.

Robin Hood Venison (Gold Award) >

Venison and red wine combine to give a sweet earthy sausage. Available in season and best eaten in the forest with Ye Merry Men.

Dezso’s Delight >

A Hungarian recipe with rice, paprika, onion and sweet peppers with just a hint of heat!

Chorizo >

An exotic spicy sausage - puts the bang into banger. The pork and chilli compliment each other perfectly to produce a sausage with plenty of bite! These are terrific for barbies and Friday nights, with a glass or two of beer.

Philo’s (Gold Award) >

Five mixed peppers and shallots make this sausage fiery with a subtle after-taste. A firm favourite with Beedham's customers.

Kofta >

A lamb sausage with a hint of Moroccan spice. Ideal in a pitta bread or served with falafel and tzatziki.

Country Herb (Gold Award) >

This sausage is similar to our Lincolnshire but with less sage giving it a lighter flavour.

Rhubarb >

(In season) Pork and fresh rhubarb combine to give this sausage a tart, fruity flavour.

Chocolate & Cappuccino (Gold Award) >

It shouldn't work but it does! A must for any adventurous sausage fan! Sweet and bitter with a chilli kick. Delicious!

Philo’s Greek Lamb >

Local lamb, 5 mixed peppers, shallots and smoked paprika combine to give this sausage a spicy warm flavour. Smashing your empty plate afterwards is optional!

Slimming Chicken >

Containing chicken, lean pork, lime and soy sauce. Made especially for slimmers - a delight for all weight watchers!

Toulouse (Gold Award) >

A French Classic containing smoked bacon, wine, garlic and herbes de Provence. Tres bien!

Hoods Two Seasons Apple >

Venison sausage with raisins and red wine.

Hoods Two Seasons Venison & Pear >

Venison with pear, cinnamon and a smidge of ginger.

Snorker Iggies Tipple >

Pork with apple, cider and a touch of cinnamon - great with a drop of scrumpy!

Duck, Pork & Plum >

Our Chinese style sausages are sweet and delicious with a hint of The Orient. Why not serve them in a pancake with cucumber and spring onion?

Johnny Pusztai’s 5 (Gold Award) >

Ideal for children to encourage them to eat their 5 a day.  Containing 5 fresh in season vegetables like peas, turnip, sweet corn, swede, carrot, cabbage, potato, green beans etc.

Pizza in a Skin (Silver Award) >

Sausage is usually served on a pizza but we have put the pizza into the sausage!  Made with pork, tomato, mozzarella, oregano and a hint of chorizo. Designed by Lara - Johnny's 11 year old daughter.

Rudkin’s Fin Guy (Bronze Award) >

Pork, mushrooms and garlic - a winning combination. Delicious served with Milanese sauce and pasta for a taste of Italy.

Sage & Mushroom (Bronze Award) >

Pork, sage and mushroom sausage.

Hungarian Kolbasz >

The Emperor of sausages. This air dried sausage will keep for as long as you can resist the temptation and will keep on getting better. Its firm texture and strong flavour make it ideal for using like salami - no need to cook but can also be used on pizza, in risotto, etc.

Chorizo >

A Spanish style sausage created by Johnny and TV chef Matt Tebbutt when he visited Beedhams to film 'Local Food Hero'. Containing pork, home smoked paprika, garlic, cumin, oregano and ground black pepper. Ole!

Black Pudding >

An exotic spicy sausage - puts the bang into banger. The pork and chilli compliment each other perfectly to produce a sausage with plenty of bite! These are terrific for barbies and Friday nights, with a glass or two of beer.

Fruity and Spicy Black Pudding (Silver Award)  >

Something a little different, this unique black pudding contains smoked bacon fat and dried fruit enhanced with wine and spirits.

White Pudding (Silver Award) >

An exotic spicy sausage - puts the bang into banger. The pork and chilli compliment each other perfectly to produce a sausage with plenty of bite! These are terrific for barbies and Friday nights, with a glass or two of beer.