Observer Food Monthly Awards Best Producer: Johnny Pusztai

Monday, 17 October 2011 Blog, Testimonials & Awards

"From the outside, squashed between the Bargain Booze off-licence and a Polish restaurant on Mansfield Road in Sherwood, OFM's Best Producer for 2011 is not much to look at. But step inside JT Beedham & Sons, which has been on these premises since 1884, and you find a hunter-gatherer's paradise. In a central chilled cabinet sit huge shins of aged beef, gleaming kidneys, succulent fillets of lamb and pork belly with a flitch of fat so wide you think it must be a mistake – all sourced from two local farms. If you are lucky, owner Johnny Pusztai will be there too, encouraging everyone who comes in the shop to try the samples on the counter..."

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