Locally bred and reared prime cut

All our beef, from Roasting Beef, to Steak and Stewing Beef, is bred locally to ensure it maintains the impeccable quality synonymous with JT Beedham & Sons' generations of Master Butchers.

Fore Ribs
H Bone >

On bone

Salmon Cut >

A very lean pot roast. Full of flavour. Slow roast.

Silverside >

Lean, mild beefy flavour with a solid texture. Parcelled in fat to keep it moist.

Sirloin (5 Rib) >

Roast on the bone. Tenderest of all beef.

Strip Loin >

Roast.Tenderest of all beef.

Top Rumb >

Sold as slow roast at Beedhams.

Topside >

Lean, mild beefy flavour with a solid texture. Parcelled in fat to keep it moist.

Chinese >

A steak for big appetites. Great on the BBQ or flame grilled.

Fillet >

Farmed for its tenderness. Fry, griddle or BBQ.

Rib Eye Steak >

Well marbled. A rich buttery flavour.

Rump Flap >

Lean yet marbled. Ideal for stir fry or Stroganoff.

Rump Steak >

Full of flavour.

Sirloin Steak >

Flavoursome, lean and succulent.

T Bone >

Fillet and Sirloin. For the big appetite.

Wings End Steak >

Bone in, Very tasty. Great on the BBQ.

Blade Steak >

Ideal for Boeuf Bourguignon. Should be cooked long and slow for a rich mature flavour.

Casserole Stewing Steak >

Very Lean. Cubed

Chuck Steak >

Marbled with internal fat. Great for pies.

Clod Steak >

Coarse meat. Ideal for thick stews, Goulash.

Leg Beef Round >

Cook very slowly. Ideal to serve osso buco style (means bone with a hole) with herbs, wine and tomatoes.

Mince >

Very lean. Ideal for bolognese, chilli, meatballs and lasagne.

Mince Chunks >

Very lean. Use in pies.

Shin Beef >


Skirt >

Cubed. Ideal for burgers.

Steak & Kidney
Tin Rib