Award Winning Bacon

Traditionally Home Dry Cured Bacon

Our bacon is made from the finest local pork, home cured on the premises and then air dried in our cellar or smoked in our own smoke house.

Smoked Back (UK Best Locally Produced Bacon)

Prepared in our own smoke house, using oak shavings. Voted 'UK Best Locally Produced Bacon' at BPEX Bacon Connoisseurs Week.

Smoked Streaky (Gold Award) >

Crisp and full of smoky flavour. This bacon was a Bakewell Show Champion and BPEX Midlands Show winner.

Short Back Plain (Gold Award)
Short Back Calvados Soaked (Silver Award)
Plain Streaky (Bronze Award) >

Crispy and full of flavour.

Unsmoked Bacon

This is English bacon at its very best - no water guaranteed! Thick or thin we'll cut all bacon to your requirements.

Plain Back >

A wonderful breakfast bacon.

Plain Shoulder >

The best slow roasting bacon joint.

Plain Gammon >

Ye olde English taste. As a steak or a joint to boil or roast.

Plain Rack >

Bacon joint for that special dinner party.

Plain Pancetta >

Fatty Italian style bacon.

Plain Ribs >

Give a wonderful flavour to soups and stocks.

Forester Ham >

Parma style raw cured collar ham. Thinly sliced. Ideal with melon.

Smoked Bacon

Smoked on the premises and cut to your requirements.

Smoked Shoulder >

The best slow roasting bacon joint.

Smoked Gammon >

Great for roasting.

Smoked Rack >

Bacon joint left on the rib.

Smoked Pancetta >

Fatty Italian style bacon with smoky flavour.

Smoked Ribs >

Give a wonderful smoky flavour to soups and stocks.

Smoked Forester Ham Parma Style Raw Cured Collar Ham. >

Thinly sliced. Ideal for salads.