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Come and spend a day with Johnny and his team at JT Beedham & Sons in Sherwood.
The day is guaranteed to be fun and informative. Find out how Johnny has become a multi-award winning butcher. He'll explain the journey of the meat from farm to plate and the skill it takes to prepare and flavour award winning produce.

Guaranteed to be a busy, fun filled day you will also learn first hand how to be a butcher, learn knife skills and how to prepare the meat and recipes. 

Do you want to be an apprentice or a guest on the day? It's your choice? 



carcass butchery

Break a lamb and pig down into primal cuts. Learn what each cut is called and how to prepare and cook to bring out the amazing flavours.

Learn basic knife

and butchery skills

You will be shown butchering knife skills. This includes how to bone out belly of pork bacon and learn chicken boning techniques. 


Learn about

cuts and flavours

Johnny will teach you how to make a rub and prepare for marinade. You'll experience some amazing flavours that you can introduce into your own meat recipes.

Visit our curing cellar

and smoke house

Take a trip to the curing and smoke house. Johnny will advise how to smoke meat, mix wood combinations for flavouring and how long the smoking process takes.


Try sausage

and burger making

Find out how to make delicious home made sausages and burgers. Johnny will show you how to create sausage and burgers and how to make and present them perfectly.

There will be an opportunity to create your own recipe sausages, so be sure to come armed with your own ideas in mind. Johnny will help you balance the flavours to make your own championship sausage.

Breakfast, lunch afternoon

snacks and refreshments

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. You'll start with an award winning bacon or sausage butty. You'll have a choice of lunch and cuppa's will flow all day. If you choose to be the apprentice for the day be prepared to make the odd one for the team!


Tasters throughout

the day

You'll be introduced to all kinds of flavours throughout the day. Learn combinations of sausages and burgers and taste charcuterie meats.

Receive an

exclusive gift

You'll also receive a bespoke Johnny Pusztai gift on the day to commemorate your butchering experience.


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Let your friends and family know about your experience. 

The day makes a great gift.

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